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Newgrounds Account!

2008-06-05 23:42:13 by KyockLee123

I got a NG account! Yay!


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2008-06-06 00:16:15



2008-06-06 01:11:54

At least your not a stranger :D welcome to newgrounds fellow newgrounders!


2008-06-12 04:24:17

Ignore StaticWave, i know him, he's a faggot, almost worse then nathan...


2008-06-13 00:05:45

rock lee owns.


2008-06-21 14:26:51

the song i used was ladies and gentlemen by saliva.

it used to be on the ps3 commercials.

thanks for liking it :D


2009-02-03 18:55:38

Yeah, I've seen this disease. You have fagotidous. It's a really daunting disease that can't be cured, and comes from birth. It can also be really contagious. The symptoms can be a number of things: Bieng a really "gay" bastard, Lying of the age on the internet, and Gay anime montages all over your internet accounts. The casual gay montages consist of naruto and other horrible trends. I can only hope for the best and hope that you get better. Usually the host(s) become so delirous as to thinking that they are "Cool", when they are in reality, the biggest faggot on earth.


2010-06-21 07:34:06

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